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Shareholder Disputes

We recognize that shareholder disputes, particularly in closely-held and family corporations, are difficult and stressful. A conflict between shareholders and the potential end of long-term business relationships can be devastating. Conversely, claims by a dissatisfied shareholder can cause significant disruption to the ongoing operation of the business.

Our firm’s goal is to resolve such disputes as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We recognize that in certain cases, this may mean going to trial. As trial lawyers, we are more than up to the task.   We believe in effective resolution, not short cuts.  Should the matter proceed to trial, you can trust that we will be thoroughly prepared. We have the legal expertise to identify the best strategy and the skills to conduct effective cross-examinations.

Our firm has experience in cases involving:

  • Oppression claims
  • Distinction between oppression and derivative actions
  • Entitlement and wrongful dismissal claims
  • Interim measures including injunctions, the appointment of a receiver and the appointment of interim directors
  • Summary procedures including motions for summary judgment and hybrid trials
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