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Professional Negligence

We have significant experience in professional negligence claims. We have represented plaintiffs in actions against their doctor, dentist, nurse, realtor, accountant, lawyer, engineer and architect, to name a few. We also regularly represent architects, defending allegations of negligent design or contract administration.

An error in judgment is often insufficient to constitute negligence.  To succeed, a plaintiff must show that the professional failed to abide by the standard of care reasonably expected of a professional operating in that market.  We often retain expert witnesses to explain the applicable standard of care.  We have established relationships with leading professional experts in all fields which we leverage to help build your case.

Cases of professional negligence require a thoughtful analysis of the scope of the professional’s mandate. What job was the person hired for? Was the mandate agreement intended to limit his liability? Did you disclose all relevant information to him?

Did you follow his reasonable advice? These questions are almost always relevant in determining whether the trader was negligent. If you feel you have a complaint about a professional, we will be happy to discuss your file with you.

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