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Commercial and International Arbitration

Arbitration presents a unique opportunity for timely, confidential and cost-effective dispute resolution. We know how to leverage that opportunity and work with opposing counsel and the arbitrator the parties have selected to craft a workable timetable and fast track process. The primary benefit of arbitration is that parties are given autonomy over the process by which their dispute is to be decided.

A careful review of your arbitration agreement is required to understand the scope of the arbitrator’s jurisdiction including interim injunctive relief, the availability of appeal rights, and deadlines for the selection and appointment of the panel.

We have significant experience in the conduct of arbitrations and in appeals and reviews of arbitral awards.  In addition, our counsel, Michel Bastarache and Ivan Whitehall, are available to arbitrate your or your client’s dispute.

For more than a decade, the Hon. Michel Bastarache served as a Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, participating in 680 cases and rendering 143 rulings spanning a spectrum of matters, including those involving questions of commercial law, labour and employment, public law and administrative law.

Ivan is a member of the ADR Institute of Canada and of Ontario. He has been appointed a member of the Canadian Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce and has received certifications in arbitration and mediation.

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